Phonics Grammar Program

Age Group                                   :         4  Years to 9 Years.
Format                                         :         Individual and group training.
Facilitators                                   :         Speech therapists and Educators.


  • Early learning program.
  • To develop pre-requistes.
  • Reading Skills.
  • Early grammatical forms for English Language Development.
  • Formulating Sounds and phonemes to read a word.
  • Enhancing expressive and public speaking Skills.
  • To identify strength and weakness of students in Phonics and reading Skills

Six Stages Of Phonics Development

Phase 1                                         :         Introducing the child to different Kinds of sounds.
Phase 2                                         :         Learning 19 letters of the alphabet and sound of each.
                                                                 Blending together to make words.  Segments words   into sound.                    Phase 3                                         :         Learning to read blends. Reading Captions, Sentences and questions.
Phase 4                                         :         Learn to blend and segment Longer words with adjacent consonant.
Phase 5                                         :         The “Complex Code” learn more grammatical structures to read with the                                                                          help of already acquired reading skills.
Phase 6                                         :          Working on spelling including prefixes and suffixes doubling and dropping                                                                      letters etc.

Factors Affecting Spoken English.

  • Poor vocabulary.
  • Poor communication skills, fails to make conversation.
  • Lack in practice.
  • Too anxious/ unable to handle fears.
  • Loss of words.