Phonics Grammar Program

Phonics Grammar Program


Age Group                                :         4  Years to 9 Years.

Format                                      :         Individual and group training.

Facilitators                               :         Speech therapists and Educators.


  • Early learning program.
  • To develop pre-requistes.
  • Reading Skills.
  • Early grammatical forms for English Language Development.
  • Formulating Sounds and phonemes to read a word.
  • Enhancing expressive and public speaking Skills.
  • To identify strength and weakness of students in Phonics and reading Skills

Six Stages Of Phonics Development

Phase 1                                         :         Introducing the child to different Kinds of sounds.

Phase 2                                         :         Learning 19 letters of the alphabet and sound of each. Blending together to make                                                                                                     words. Segments words into sounds.
Phase 3                                         :          Learning to read blends. Reading Captions, Sentences and questions.

Phase 4                                         :          Learn to blend and segment Longer words with adjacent consonant.

Phase 5                                         :          The “Complex Code” learn more grammatical structures to read with the help of already                                                                                          acquired reading skills.

Phase 6                                         :           Working on spelling including prefixes and suffixes doubling and dropping letters etc.

Factors Affecting Spoken English.

  1. Poor vocabulary.
  2. Poor communication skills, fails to make conversation.
  3. Lack in practice.
  4. Too anxious/ unable to handle fears.
  5. Loss of words.