General Specific Relaxations (Disability Wise) During NIOS Examination

In NIOS Examination, learners with disabilities are provided general provisions and also the facility of amanuensis, technological devices, calculators etc. according to their disabilities as per the procedure notified by NIOS from time to time.


  1. Candidates with disabilities as defined in the persons with Disabilities Act.1995 and learner who wishes to avail the concession in the Examination is required to submit an application to the concerned Regional Director along with a medical certificate of a Govt. Hospital/Medical Institution indicating the nature of his/her disability and the extent of the disability. The certificate should clearly mention the type of support that will be required by the learner. While appearing in the Examination, the learner will mention his/her disability on the top of the Answer Book as mentioned in the medical certificate specified.This will be authenticated by his/her Centre Superintendent


  1. Provision of Extra Time: The condition of all learners with disabilities will have to be certified as per approved procedure specified for determining requirement of additional time. An additional 20 minutes per hour for each of the subject1 will be provided. Condition of fatigue while dictating to scribe, using Amanuensis, sitting continuously etc. if indicated in the medical certificate specified; short breaks of not more than ten minutes per hour will be permitted in addition to above.
  2. Provision of Amanuensis: The service of amanuensis can be availed for theory papers only as per requirement of subjects concerned. The following learners will be eligible for the said facility
  3. Learners with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Multiple disabilities, Visual Impairment, those suffering from speech or hearing defects, Dyslexic and any other disability ( such as learners with learning disability) specified as per procedure will be provided services of amanuensis free of charge
  4. Learners with poor hand function but having speech disorders will have scribes who can understand the sign language (other than the subject teacher, parents or siblings)
  5. Upper limb polio affected learners and those in case of hand injury may be provided with the facility of amanuensis/scribe
  • Learners with Locomotor/Orthopedic Disabilities are considered as non-disabled learners and do not require any special provision during the Examination
  • In case of sudden illness resulting in temporary disability, service of amanuensis will be allowed on furnishing of duly certified medical certificate specified
  • the candidates may be permitted to draw the diagrams etc. themselves, if desired by them.


  1. The candidate may opt his own scribe/reader/lab assistant or request the Examintion Centre for the same.
  2. The Centre Superindent may also identify the scribe/reader to make panels at their level as per the requirements of the Examination.
  3. Criteria like educational qualification,marks secured, age or other such restrictions for the scribe/reader should not be fixed. Instead, the invigilation system should be strengthened to avoid malpractices.
  4. The Centre Superintendent of Examination Centre concerned will choose a suitable person from the school as far as possible and forward his/her name with photograph immediately to the concerned Regional Director with a report giving full particulars of the learner and of the amanuensis for consideration and approval.
  5. Services of Amanuensis can be availed for theory papers only.


  1. A fee of Rs. 100/- per session of Examination will be given to the amanuensis/ interpreter using sign language from other subjects per hour by the Superintendent of the Examination Centre. The learners under the category will not be required to pay any charge/fee
  2. Other learners with temporary disabilities using the facility of amanuensis will have to pay the fee themselves.
  3. Use of Computers: Learners who have minimum hand function but having speech disorders will be allowed to use the computer for the Examinations. This facility will also be available to such visually impaired learners, and learners with learning disability, Cerebral Palsy and any other such disability who make this request in advance and submit proof of using this facility as means of communication from the authorized authority as specified. However, it will be the responsibility of the learner to bring laptops, ensure adequate battery support and functioning of equipments. The Centre Superintendent will have the right to check the machines for no pre-fed information except the required software (including the Text Reading Software) to enter the response. Learner will need to report one hour in advance to complete these formalities.
  4. Sitting Arrangements: Wheel chair bound and mobility impaired learners will be given facility to write the Examination on the ground floor in case the Examination room is inaccessible. The Centre Superintendent will make arrangements for maximum of four students in a separate Examination Room with a separate invigilator for supervision. The Examination room should be well lit and ventilated and away from noise and disturbances.
  5. The Centre Superintendent(s) will be directed to send the Answer Books of Special Category students in separate covers to the Regional Office concerned. A separate column will be provided on the title page of the Answer Book for indicating the category of physically challenged candidates so that these Answer Books could be segregated for sending them separately to the Regional Office of NIOS.
  6. Learners with Specific Needs registered under the SAIED AIs will have their study Centres as Examination center also. During Examination the invigilators deputed by NIOS will monitor the Examination proceedings. To facilitate easy access, a few selected schools will be made Examination centres for special student
  7. Specific Provisions: These are specific provisions in addition to the general provisions


  1. Visually Impaired Learners will be provided with alternate questions in the theory papers in the question related to marking and labeling of maps in construction of geometrical figures. This provision will be applicable in the subject of Economics, Sciences, Mathematics and Social Science at Secondary level and History, Economics, Mathematics and Geography at Senior Secondary level.
  2. Visually Impaired Learners may be allowed to use amanuensis/take Examination using Brailler typewriter, or computer. When the student takes Examination using Brailler, NIOS will seek the assistance of an organization for the Blind to transcribe the papers into print. The regular examiners will evaluate the papers along with other papers. The learners should arrange to bring their own Brailler, Typewriter, Computer etc. for Examination purposes. Equipment such as talking calculator, abacus, Taylor frame and geometry drawing kit may be allowed in the Examination Hall
  3. For courses requiring computer skills, the equipment shall be provided by the Centre conducting Examination


  1. Interpreter using sign language may be allowed in the Examination Room to help the learner with hearing impairment to understand the instructions.
  2. One interpreter may be adequate for each Examination room. The Centre Superintendent may take the decision regarding the arrangement of an Interpreter.


  1. Computers with adapted hardware like trackball instead of mouse and augmentative communication boards (illustrative and not exhaustive) may be allowed. Use of Calculator may also be allowed for learners with Dyscalculia. Learners will have to arrange for their own tools and equipment
  2. Mentally Retarded learners may opt for project work as an alternative for practical.
  3. Adapted chair, table, bed, etc., may be allowed in the Examination room in case of severely disabled children who need them.
  4. (iv) Provision may also be made for reading out the questions wherever necessary.
  5. Learners with Learning Disability Services of Amanuensis, use of computer and extra time may be provided as per the procedure specified and also as mentioned under general conditions
  6. Leprosy-Cured Learners Many learners with disability now request for question papers in alternative format. This involves policy decision and advance preparation. NIOS will announce it as and when mechanism is in place. General relaxation will be applicable for leprosy cured learners on submitting medical certificate as mentioned.
  7. If any learner with a disability not covered under the above provisions approaches the Centre Superintendent of the Examination Centre for any relaxation, the case may be referred to the concerned Regional Director or Director (Evaluation).

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