Early Intervention Center

Early Intervention CenterEarly Intervention Center
Early Intervention Center

Aakaar recognizes the importance of intensive early intervention for young children across various developmental difficulties. Early intervention center is a preschool setting for children with special needs to maximize their potential of reaching normal development and inclusive education.  While these children share a common diagnostic label, each has individual needs the setting will provide specialized group intervention by an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Special Educator for children between 2 to 6 yrs of age who are at risk for any kind of disability.

Early Intervention is a combine venture of different professional of the field working under one roof, their coordination works wonder for the children. example

Early intervention is an activity based center works on the following theory of learning:-

If I listen I get very little.

If I see I get something.

If I do I get every thing.

Features of Early Intervention at Aakaar CDC are:-

Drama Sessions:-

  • Stories are the best ways of comprehension and communication development.
  • Single story repeated for the month to learn all the vocabulary and concept.
  • Drama sessions where children play story characters dressed accordingly.

Community Visit:-

  • Community visits planned to enhance assimilation of social rules and appropriate behavior, to give exposure and opportunity to children to interact with community. Once in a month visit to mall, Macdonalds, grocery store, birthday party or at the home of acquaintance is arranged.

Organizing tuck shop:-

  • We always desire our kids with special needs to learn importance of money and its management skills. Every day tuck shop is arranged with the same motto.