Importance of Play Therapy

What is Play Therapy?

It is difficult for most children below age 10-11 to sit still for sustained periods of time.Play therapy provides for childrens need to be physically active. In play, children discharge energy, prepare for life’s duties , achieve difficult goals and relieve frustrations .

As children play, they are expressing the individuality of their personalities and drawing upon inner resources which can become incorporated into their personality.

Virginia M. Axline (1974) who developed the child-centered play therapy asserted that : “A play experience is therapeutic because it provides a secure relationship between the child and the adult , so that the child has the freedom and room to state himself in his own terms, exactly as he is at the movement in his own way and in his own time.” Play therapy helps to actualize the ultimate objectives of elementary schools facilitating the intellectual , emotional , physical and social development of children from the learning opportunities and experiences offered in school.

Importance of Play therapy.

  1. Develop a more positive self-concept.
  2. Assume greater self-responsibility.

Be more self-accepting.

Be more self-directing.

Be more self-reliant.

Experience a feeling of control.

Be sensitive to the process of coping.

Develop an internal source of elevation. Engage in self-determined decision making.

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Language Assessment

Definition of Language

  • Special kind of code
  • Standard code consists of set of symbols
  • Can be connected to words and phrases
  • When we crack a code.
  • Understand the code
  • Need to understand the code that we are translating it into.
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