Notes of lecture

Communication : It is the flow of messages. Language is its marvelous vehicle. It could be verbal and non – verbal. It includes listening, speaking, gesturing, reading and writing


Languagee is a code made up of rules that include what words mean, how to make words, how to put them together, and what word combinations are best in what situations. Speech is the oral form of language

When a person cannot understand the language code: receptive difficulty

When a person does not know language rules to share thoughts, ideas and feelings completely: Expressive Difficulty


Speech: It is an oral form of Language. Speech disorders can be categorized in three major categories: Articulation disorder,Voice disorder and Fluency disorder.

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Language Assessment

Definition of Language

  • Special kind of code
  • Standard code consists of set of symbols
  • Can be connected to words and phrases
  • When we crack a code.
  • Understand the code
  • Need to understand the code that we are translating it into.
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Hearing Impairment

How do we hear?

  • Hearing loss is one of the most common health handicapping conditions among children and adults. The hearing sense is the cornerstone upon which our unique human communication system is built.
  • This hearing handicap therefore makes it very difficult for people to learn to speak a language, which impairs their ability to communicate naturally with other people. It also has a detrimental effect on personality and emotional development.
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Developmental verbal dyspraxia

Developmental verbal dyspraxia also known as Childhood apraxia of speech or dysapraxia is a conditioned where the child has difficulty in controlled production of speech. The first symtom of it would be lack of expressive vocabulary despite normal hearing and adequate comprehension skills. In childhood apraxia of speech, children produce speech sounds of with enormous variability in terms of phonemes, loudness and related features. The inconsistencies in their production make interpretation more challenging. They have difficulty in varying stress and intonation patterns. They have enormous difficulty in producing even two word phrases.can be defined as a severe and persistent phonological disorder coupled with an expressive syntactic disorder with variable neurological and articulatory findings.” (Aram 1984)

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